Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sinking, Swimming, Surfing

(Josh & Diana, Feb 2008)

(Josh & Diana, May 2010)

Note to Self:

Don’t forget the personal success that you’ve had this last year. It’s easy to overlook our own accomplishments and to not accept the amazing strides that you’ve made, especially when you’re not exactly where you want to be. 

In 2008 you lost twenty-six pounds in four months and as one of your New Years' resolutions for 2009 you decided that you would loose at least a pound a week (i.e., fifty-two pounds). 

You not only shed the weight (plus three additional pounds), but you have consistently kept it off. I know that you want to lose another thirty pounds, but you need to allow yourself patience to lose it the right way. You are worth the effort, you have the patience, you will meet your goal.

Don’t forget what it was like to go shopping last week for new pants and to find that for the first time in many years that you didn’t find the pants that fit you in the Plus Size section of the store. 

Remember what it was like to box up all of the bigger size clothing in the “Steroids Happen” bin downstairs. Remember what it was like to make a decision about what size clothes that you would never find yourself in again, and what it was like to take those clothes and donate them. 

Remember what it was like to go biking in Ireland - you struggled, but you did it and it was beautiful.

You will have ups and downs in life. That is the nature of living and not necessarily just your disease. You’ve met many personal goals in 2009. Make 2010 even better. 

You have the power to do anything that you set your mind to. Just look at the goals that you have accomplished, even with MS in the picture.

The weighty issue addressed in this letter is not the main focus of what is to be learned - rather it’s the example of a bigger picture. Attitudes, expectations and unrealistic self-perceptions are what are being addressed here.

Life is an adventure of curve-balls, winding roads, epic journeys and emotional milestones. It is our responses and reactions to these things that determine the outcome(s). 

Do you choose to sink or swim? Sometimes, when the conditions are just right, we can even find ourselves surfing; but it requires swimming first.

Best Regards,