Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poetry Corner: The Folds Of Me

The following is the poem that I mentioned in my previous posting on Monday, January 17, 2011.

The Folds Of Me
I discovered
that I’ve decided
the shell of me
is as strong as my mind
determines it to be –
I am no longer chained by
Can I?
What if?
I’ve begun a delicate process of peeling back layers,
finding something very curious in the folds
of what once was a large mess of
flesh, emotion –
And when life creeps in,
to steal away this precious truth,
I’ve prepared for that time
by choosing now
that I’ve already committed …
I know now that
there are always
I know the simple truth can bend to fit
at all times,
because I’ve already seen the
power of believing that
I can
I have
I will
By Diana M. Bateman
2010 ©

Diana, May 2008
Diana, Jan 2011