Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A foot update...

Regarding A Run Gone Horribly Wrong, I will be having surgery shortly. Boo!

The surgery is not on the sesamoid but just other complications. Otherwise the issues haven't held me back too much. I am still as feisty as ever.

I am training up a storm and challenging my clients. Yay!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mind Numbing

Life can be overwhelming. Moving too swiftly, always plugged in to the pulse of
something, and then there are the real cares required to maintain, such as our relationships, family,
homes, and our own health.

I have noticed and experienced that it is incredibly easy to put off the things in our
life that require actual investment of time, connection, energy, planning, and

I see that we disengaged and lazily slip into a mind numbing comma of
entertainment and or living vicariously by stalking idealized relationships or

We all do this to some degree or another. However, there is a difference between
unwinding briefly with sports, news, movies, social media, beverages, and food
versus seeking a purposeful escape from responsibilities or relationships in an
effort to hope those conversations and responsibilities will take care of themselves.

I am not exempt from this; no one is. However, we can strive to: Stop. Unplug. Engage; face-to-face. Create an action plan. Follow through.