Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And So It Goes...

When joy happens, I celebrate it. When frustration impedes progress, I swear, dwell a little and then move on. When excitement occurs, I am filled with wonder while enjoying the reaction(s) of others. 

Sadness enters the room and I am amazed at the various responses of those around me, while hoping I’m unnoticed long enough to get a grip before I truly respond. 

Regardless of the type of event and the impact, embracing what was learned and then moving on with the new knowledge is crucial. 

I remember times when I’ve sat down and wallowed in pity and have also compared it to being able to pick up and move on. 

I also recall reveling too long in the joy that I failed to see the reality and impact of what slowing down and becoming lazy can do. 

Josh once shared with me a quote about how when boating, the captain must constantly be checking the direction, monitoring the effects of the ever changing weather and how those conditions can alter, enhance, and hinder the progress of sailing. 

A little checking there, a little tweaking here, being mindful of the subtleties in the wind can make all the difference on arriving at the intended destination on time and safely. 

Suddenly the full ramifications of the term “sailing” took on a completely new meaning to me. Rude awakenings occur when ignorance and negligence are present, whereas being aware of the potential of subtle shifts and tracking them aid in gaining more ground (progress) in the long run. 

This constant action of checks and balances in life make things appear to fit together at the right time, just in time, all the time; which give the effect of “sailing”. 

This sailing may not have always been smooth, but more ground was covered almost by leaps and bounds. 

Though there are scary moments in sudden shifts, and while at times it may also have the appearance of trudging through the mire, you still cover more ground. 

You still are propelled at just the right speed, to pick up and find yourself further along (in a good way) than if you’d just let the wind and waves push you wherever they could; without direction or care from you.

“Life” is what happens when we simply let the wind control our direction. “Living” is a conscious effort of aiding the wind to get us where we need to be. 

Sailing requires more action than drifting. I have drifted. I prefer sailing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Free At Last With Trekking Poles!

In April, I asked my husband, Josh, what he’d like to do before he leaves on his deployment to the Middle East in mid-June. He said hiking at Natural Bridges National Monument. 

I then pulled up the website for the hikes and terrain of the area and my heart sank. Hiking the Wind Caves in Logan (experience noted in a prior blog entry “Track, Basketball, Hiking and MS Oh My!”) was one thing, but the Natural Bridges?!?!
I must admit I felt some inner despair and self-disparaging thoughts. Josh said that he thought I might be able to hike if I had some trekking poles. 

I was doubtful, but I found myself silently humoring him (shh... don’t tell him). We went to the store and found a pair of trekking poles and then in May we took off for a long weekend camping and hiking in Southern Utah.
Long story short: I hiked over slick rock, through sand, crossing creek beds, down three ladders, handled an elevation change of probably about a thousand feet or more. 

In total, I hiked for four hours straight (which was the prescribed amount of time that it would take). Never once did I: get wet feet, need Josh’s helping hand, fall, injure myself in any way. 

Because of the balance that the trekking poles provided, I was able to stay up on my own two feet the entire time!!! I did it!!!
Half of the battle in overcoming a challenge is being willing to submit to a different route, in order to accomplish the same end result. 

The other half of the battle is believing that the desired result can be achieved. Thanks to the faith of my husband (when I doubted), ingenuity of Black Diamond Trekking poles, and God’s continual helping hand, I have a new cherished memory and experience. We did it!!!