Friday, December 20, 2013

Tests, Vomit, and a Pat on the Back

My recent blog silence has been due to a series final exams and being really sick. I am happy to report that two really cool things happened during this time. So here's the story…

Studying, worrying, feeling unprepared no matter how prepared I got myself… ever been there? 

You got it! I got sick. All that worry and stress, adding in a little bad weather, horrible inversion making the air nasty - this is prime ground to get sick.

Cool thing #1 was that I did really well on my tests and one of them was a certifying test with the American College of Sports Medicine. You got it! I am now a Certified Personal Trainer! 

However, just hours before my test that couldn't be rescheduled, without losing a lot of money, my sickness took a turn for the worse. I managed to get through the test and home in time before I really was out of it.

I've not been this sick in many years. Never fear antibiotics and loving family support are here! God bless all those that helped me during this time. Especially one person in particular…

Cool thing #2 is that despite having to ignore and be clear of my son so he wouldn't get sick from me, he still managed to cope and love me anyway. Here's that story now.

At one point I was alone, vomiting in the bathroom when I heard the patter of my son's little feet come behind me. Worrying about how to block him from the vile violent view as well as keep his curious hands out of the way, I discovered I didn't need to worry. 

My little guy just stood at my back hugging me and patting my back until I was done. Then he simply just walked away to play with the dogs.

(as of 12/21/13 I am also a Certified Functional Movement Specialist!)

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