Tuesday, December 24, 2013

God bless us, everyone!

No one ever thinks that when they get married that in just a few short years they would be burying the love of their life.

When we get married we feel indestructible and that the entire world is before us, ready to roll whichever direction we will it to go.

Reality might settle in when the first disagreements or children come along. We work up to these things though. As we come to know our best friend better, we come to know ourselves better. We grow together - or at least that's the plan anyway.

There is a "happily ever after family" gathering together right now in a local hospital as they are about to turn off the life-support for their wife, mother, daughter, and sister. I can't imagine what my cousin and his young children must be going through. 

At the same time I can also imagine that there is a great deal of comfort knowing that the pain and suffering is now coming to an end.

I used to think that Christmas Eve should always be filled with joy and excitement. I see it much differently now. 

Mercy, humility, peace, loving-kindness, prayer, hope, charity… these are the emotions of Christmas Eve. If joy happens to accompany the mix, well then, embrace it too.

God bless us, everyone!

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