Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worth The Effort

I was asked once, “What is your plan to see yourself as Heavenly Father [God] sees you?” I feel compelled to share what my answer was. 

Before I came to my conclusion though, you should know that I took over a month to come up with an answer. It was a very rough and tough process for me. 

When the answer came though, it was like a light turned on inside. The answer I came up with may not be for everyone, but the power of it for me is like a dichotomous energizing burden on my heart - I know that for me this is not only true, but critical.

It all comes down to honesty. We are all amazing people and we all do amazing things; this is God’s universal gift to mankind. 

Why is it then that we fail to see the good or amazing things within ourselves or the things that we do for others? Simply put, because we are human, we have a natural tendency to lie, disbelieve, doubt, and fear - especially about ourselves.

If we are honest with ourselves and honest about ourselves, then we have a greater likelihood of being honest with our spouses, children and everyone else we deal with. 

Most of all, if we are honest and fight hard for internal integrity, then we will be more likely to be honest with God in our daily activities, prayers, thoughts and deeds. In doing so, we can begin to see ourselves from God’s perspective.

Simply put, we must be honest, because everything else in life is immensely affected by that effort.