Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stable With Medication

Sometimes “stability” is highly overrated - like when you are trying to have a mental breakdown or sprain your ankle (grin). However, currently, having stability means everything to me...

I sat in my doctor’s office in early July for my 6-month check up and a new term was used to describe my condition. My doctor said that I am “stable with medication”. 

No, I am not in remission, my extensive MRI’s prove that, but what is happening is that some of the lesions have actually decreased in size; which means my medication is working and working hard. 

In the midst of all of this I have been steroid-free for ~ about two years and counting! Yeah! Being steroid-free means that my body is dealing with the issues, not needing additional aid and my life isn’t being seriously interrupted by the funky nature of my disease.

Being “stable with medication” is extremely satisfying, because it means that for me the decisions I have made are finally paying off. It is a bit daunting to try and maintain composure and control over such a delicate thing as my body. 

But if I listen, focus, and try to understand what it is my body is really saying to me, I can generally figure it out, and I completely trust that I do know what I need – I am not ruled by fear in this disease. 

Not being ruled by fear is important when decisions regarding my medical care need to be made. I feel that I am in-tune enough with myself to know when I really do need certain medications or not. 

I have the power to decide these things and I trust that I am informed enough that I am making the correct decisions. Continued medical management is definitely a collaborative effort and I am a knowledgeable participant in this collaboration.

I was able to go to the 'The Leonardo' in downtown Salt Lake City last weekend and go through the Body World’s exhibit (

Going to this event was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was simply amazing! I was able to see and understand so much more about my body and I am in complete awe at how we function and what power our delicate bodies are actually capable of. We are an amazing species!

Taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally is vital... the hardest part about this “taking care” business is (1) the listening and (2) accepting the things that our bodies are really saying to us.

Currently, my body is screaming “feed me salmon fish tacos with refried beans!!” and my emotions are saying, “Breathe, have faith and in time you will be where you need to be.”

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