Sunday, July 24, 2011

Together Again

The last couple of days have been dedicated to a family reunion for a side of my family that hasn't really gotten together in over twenty years. 

It was wonderful to see everyone and their kids, to reunite and have conversations to try to get to know each other again. 

On the way home from the final event my husband asked me what I enjoyed the most and in all honesty it was simply spending time with these people. 

The recollection of memories is certainly fun and good, but it was the hugging, laughing and conversation that was most awesome. In a way it was like a little empty spot of me was filled, it was a place in me that I didn't know was really empty.

How often do we get absorbed in our own worlds and forget that we are an extension of something bigger? We all have talents and amazing parts to us, but it becomes more amazing when you apply yourself to something worthwhile.  

It makes you question what is really important in life. Investing selfishly will bring us temporary satisfaction, yet in the long run only result in loneliness. 

Investing in something greater than yourself may take a lot of energy, pull you out of a comfort zone and such, but in the end you feel edified and thankful for the experience.

There were some that couldn't be with us for one reason or another and all were sincerely missed. The absence was actually quite profound. 

Not just for those that are dead or dying, but also for those living elsewhere. It's amazing how profoundly the absences affect us in a variety of ways.

Aside from all of these things, it was the collective living, laughing and smiling that resonates. These are the precious things that we work so hard to create and remember. It's these things that get us through the tougher times. 

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