Saturday, November 5, 2011


The last several blog posts have affected me in a very unexpected way.  In trying to share with you how I feel about food and addressing addictive behaviors, I’ve discovered that I still have a long way to go.  

Cravings I haven’t had in a very long time have resurfaced and I’ve had to battle them – again.  This is a continual battle and one that no one is immune to. 

In other words, this is not something you can achieve and then walk away from. These are lifelong commitments for general physical, mental and spiritual health.

Because of this, I would like to recommit and review things that I learned that have been very valuable to me in my self-discovery and weight loss journey.  

These are core things that I know I need to reengage and continually strive to live by; because I’m simply happier when I do.  

So in making this list, I’m publicly holding myself accountable, as well as maybe helping someone out in the great expanse of the world to gain perspective along with me. 

Diana, You Are Motivated By:
  • Good quotes and uplifting stories; keep discovering them.
  • Seeing others make plans, engage and succeed in life.
  • The knowledge that I am a daughter of God and that all things are possible because of it.
  • Good music.

Diana, You Are Healthier When You:
  • Drink water only.
  • You track your food and employ mindful eating tactics.
  • Stick to a daily exercise regimen and keep it challenging.
  • Continually make and review goals.
  • Stretch multiple times daily.
  • Do strength training first, then do cardio so that you are truly burning fat rather than any amount of muscle during your cardio. Muscle assists in burning fat!
  • Understand that there are many ways to accomplish things, always believe there is an alternative, especially when the normal path is an obstacle due to disease.

Diana, You Are Happier When You:
  • Actively think positive. 
  • Frequently review and update your goal list.
  • Recognize how richly you are blessed (not talking about money here).
  • Pray and give thanks.
  • Read scriptures.
  • Meditate.
  • Honestly engage with yourself and others.
  • Speak kindly to and about all people; including yourself.

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  1. The way you organize your thoughts and dissect and verbalize what motivates you is very clear . . . I like that. It is very motivating to read and categorization of what makes you healthier, what makes you happier etc.