Friday, June 29, 2012


No these are not my legs. 
Here's the link they came from though.
Periodically I've been approached about how I was able to lose the weight without what some thought was a lot of residual flabby skin. 

Generally my first response is, well, I actually dress quite modestly so the biggest trouble areas are masked. My triceps area is the most visible trouble spot I have where you can actually see skin. 

However, I have a trick up my sleeve. This effort has aided in weight loss, however the biggest effects were actually in reducing the stretch marks and tightening skin.

The stretch marks were a result of simply being overweight for the majority of my life, as well as adding to the mess with additional rapid weight gain. 

The stretch marks changed from a mass of very angry red crevices, to being closer to matching my actual skin tone, with a significantly reduced appearance of scarring. Over time the skin has tightened by breaking up the cottage cheese pockets of my super cellulite collection. 

Hydration, strength training and conditioning definitely speed up this tightening process. Hydration makes the skin more willing to let go of stubborn cellulite pockets. 

Muscle aids in the rapid consumption of burning the loosened cellulite that's now ready to burn. In order make the skin ready to let go of the fat, hydration is extremely important. 

Excess coffee, soda, energy drinks, alcohol, etcetera are your worst enemy here. In fact, this is where most people sabotage themselves. Why? Because these products dehydrate you. 

So without further adieu, the method I use is Dry Skin Brushing. There are many resources available to for reading about "the benefits" and the "how to" of Skin Brushing, but to simplify, I'll share just one via you've got both sets of instructions on one page. 

If you decide to try this, I'm telling you now, you will have better results if you: hydrate, strength train, be consistent. By the way, don't expect to see changes overnight, the effects are cumulative. I personally didn't start noticing things until about two or three weeks after I started the process. Consistency is key!


  1. This is very interesting. One quick question, how often did you do it? Daily?

  2. Initially I did this daily. Honestly, on days I was feeling really low and discourage if would do it twice a day. Now, I do it maybe 2-3 times a week in specific areas, rather than body whole.