Friday, November 2, 2012

Poetry Corner: Mrs. Wasden

I loved my fourth grade teacher. Mrs. Wasden rocks! I've run into her twice as an adult and she even remembered who I was - she didn't even run or cringe. Neat, neat lady! This posting is one of encouragement. Go out and make a difference, make a memory!

Mrs. Wasden

For just a short 365,
we gathered ‘round with
open minds.

Her voice, a Zenith, 
had us fixed…
A Wrinkle In Time”,
where all was suspended
by nurturing
gingersnap eyes.

She was a magic mirror,
allowing us to see,
what we could become or
thought we’d never be.
                                    365 days and twenty-years later
                                                I still rely on the memory
                                                of those days; that year.
                                    For each whiff of root beer –
hard candy to teeth clicking,   
                                                sound of Recorder,
                                                or curly brown hair,
                                    I see her, I feel her, telling me,
“You will succeed!
                          You will be great!
  Just you wait and see.”

                                    By Diana M. Bateman
                                                2004 ©

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