Friday, January 4, 2013

A Better Mindset

Remember as a kid having tons of energy to play as well as energy to be sneaky about the things you wanted to avoid? Were you ever threatened with the notion that you couldn't go play with so and so, until your room was clean? 

How quickly did that room get taken care of? Or did you hate the notion of cleaning your room so much that you just sat there and not only didn't get to play, but your room was still a wreck? 

Figuratively speaking, I'm certain you have similar, more contemporary parallels that you can draw upon, wherein you are still just like that little kid. What would happen if you actually enjoyed what you were doing, even the things you had to do?

What would happen if appropriate pressure was applied in important areas of our lives and we took advantage of the opportunity to act? 

What would happen if we conquered the conscious and subconscious excuses that we use to hinder our progress? What would happen if we tossed out the hassle and senseless stress that's created by putting things off? 

What would happen to our various relationships if we were constantly present and acted appropriately in the moment? What would happen if we set aside our pride long enough to see that something else (or someone else) was more important in that moment?

What would happen if you simply had a better mindset about the task ahead and disciplined yourself to plow through? 

We don't always have to understand the end from the beginning in order to put energy to a task. Sometimes it's the process and the waiting that are what actually gives us the answers, the clarity.

This is where I am at. The process and the waiting I mean. And there is indeed a great deal of clarity everywhere I turn.

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