Friday, June 7, 2013

Covered In Grace

It's hard not to notice that I believe in God. I have faith. If you have been reading my blog, but do not personally believe in a higher power - thank you for sticking with me. 

I won't try to convince you to be a believer. But I would like to share with you a brief thought.

My beliefs and faith in God are a definite core component in my life. I believe that my life has a purpose. 

Because of this belief it is much easier for me to feel guided. It is much easier to face the challenges of life, to meet trials head-on, with real power, and with temperance.

Setting a higher power aside for those that do not accept, I still think we can see eye to eye in many ways. 

Mercy exists
even if you do not believe in a higher power; 
so does courage, kindness, hope, love, 
perseverance, and joy. 

These attributes often move people into action. Endurance blooms in the light of all of these efforts. 

In my mind, God abounds in these environments. I believe that we were meant to strive to be all of these things. 

By emulating this behavior, for the benefit of someone else, I believe that we actually become an earthly angel aiding others. Yes, "someone" also includes our furry four-legged friends, fish, birds - every living creature.

Some may feel that it's just the right thing to do. Financial contributions are nothing but a tax benefit. Being a humanitarian is good public relations. But to me, when you do these things, I see it as being the literal hand of God on a divine errand.

Living fearlessly, generously, and selflessly in this way, makes me feel warm and good. It makes me feel the deepest kind of love. 

I am moved by charity of all varieties. When we do good and when we have faith in something greater that ourselves, it is like being wrapped in a shroud of the finest kind; I call being covered in grace.

I believe that repeated practice of these attributes literally endow us with a dowry of the finest eternal kind. 

The excitement that stems from this behavior lives somewhere inside me and it is constantly burning. Some may call it intrinsic motivation, I call it a blessing.

I give, I do, I love, I try, I persevere because I want to live with my Heavenly Father again. 

I want to face the higher power that made me and honestly say, "I did my best." 

It is that simple.


  1. Faith without actions... and actions without faith... both are incomplete. Lovely post!

  2. I enjoyed this, Diana! To hear Him say "Well done, good and faithful servant" when this life is over and we stand before Him, will make all the struggles and hard times we face on earth worth it! I, too, believe that we are to be the hands and feet of our Lord; not because we're trying to prove our devotion to Him, as some might think (as though we could EVER stand a chance of repaying him for what He's done for us). But because we have been shown so much love, mercy, and forgiveness by Him that we can't help but extend that same blessing to others. Your words challenge me to live my life more deliberately in service to others.