Saturday, August 3, 2013


For so long my lungs and my heart have felt burdened by life, doubt, negativity, and then I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The pressure increased and it became harder to simply breathe.

In contrast, there is a brief moment when my lungs feel so incredibly light. 

In this particular moment most everything seems effortless - marriage, homework, finances, doubt... responsibilities of every kind. Even my body works better for a time.

If you had something that therapeutic and pleasurable, wouldn't you seek it out? Wouldn't you find a way to repeat it? This is why I lace up my shoes and willingly skip sleep to seek out perfect temperatures. 

What am I running toward? 

What do I run from? 
The burdens of life and doubt. 

For some reason, when my body is strong, my mind, spirit, and emotions are too.

Running, lifting weights, and seeking to eat healthier are all tough things that require discipline, but at the same time they give me stamina and courage in more areas of my life than just the physical. 

The end result is freedom on many levels. Freedom becomes a beautiful blessing from the discipline these efforts provide.

I am not the fastest runner. I don't need to be. I only need to do my best.

I do not have the leanest body. It doesn't need to be. I only need to do my best.

I am not perfect. I don't need to be. I only need to do my best.

It is when I stop doing my best that my breathing gets heavier, both literally and figuratively.

What makes you feel free?

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