Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get In My Belly! (Part III, end of soap box... for now)

These last few posts, in no way are meant to be a finger pointing opportunity to blame my parents for my issues today. 

As a matter of fact, if you ever said that you've never made a meal that went wrong, never purchased junk food, made bad meal choices and never had a vice of any kind, I simply wouldn't believe you. 

I have been blessed to live a privileged life to where I have access to garden space, money, grocery stores and food. I have a choice as to what I eat and when. 

I’ve also come to realize that the reason you often see the words "diet" and "exercise" coupled is because they truly go hand in hand.

I have also learned a variety of exercises for functional movement and living. I have grilled trainers and those living with disabilities to know what muscles are essential to have strong, based on the type of disability you have. 

I’ve done this because if I have an option for any amount of independence - regardless of what comes my way, I want to be empowered to do it. 

I realize how susceptible I am to loss of motivation, fear, and doubt… I’m tired of setting myself up for failure.

Phrases like "for only six easy payments of nineteen ninety-five", "exercise not needed to see results", and "see changes in just eight weeks" make me angry. 

If it’s low fat, that doesn’t mean you need double the portion size to be satisfied. Living life is an enduring commitment with daily decisions and habits that determine our success. 

There's nothing easy about it. Living life requires exercise all-day, everyday. We walk, get up, brush teeth... and we hope to do these things independently now and for the rest of our days. But what if we don’t? I’m determined to live everyday like it was my last.

It's much easier for me to simply make lifestyle changes and remove the roller coaster that these quick fixes bring.

Now you may think I am a crazy lady and might restrict what I eat in insane ways. I don't. I am human. 

What I eat is a daily battle and usually filled with compromise. Snicker bar now? Then I tack on a little extra to my cardio later in the day. Slept in and missed my early workout? I have a busy night ahead and won't be able to get the workout in? I try not to kick myself. I decide at some point I will take a short brisk walk during my day and then resolve to be extra vigilant about making sure I don't miss my workout tomorrow. It’s more about essentials...

I think the biggest thing on my mind is that I want to look on my life retrospectively and not regret that I never did this or that because the latest episode of the current cool mini-series kept me from it. 

Am I really going to sacrifice the goals on my list for a daily Super Size goody bag? I refuse to seek solace a few ounces at a time, especially since I have the option to go hiking with my husband today, which I can remember it for many more tomorrows to come.

If I don't have the discipline to determine what and how much food goes in my mouth, what will happen when I face bigger challenges in life? Now is all I have. So I decide daily that I will eat to live, not live to eat. 

Last night's dinner: 4oz grilled chicken, grilled asparagus,
oven baked veggies & garlic wheat bread. My how times have changed.

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