Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year! (Part I)

Diana approximately 40lbs ago, hiking at Natural Bridges National Monument.
I used to need assistance stepping down from a curb and here I had just hiked
serious terrain for about 4hrs. Thank you trekking poles!

We are on the eve of a new year and I am determined to make the most of it. I'd love it if you would commit to yourself and join with me; in whatever way is best for you. 

We all have "a past" and I'm convinced that we shouldn't really forget it. I feel that once you forget it, you kind of have a tendency to stop learning from it. 

I hate re-learning, it's never comfortable. What I am saying is to choose not to let the past weigh you down; rather, let it fuel you in order to bring you to new heights - in a positive direction. 

You are who you are today because of yesterday. You will be who you become tomorrow, because of who you are today. It's a compounding effect and only you can decide whether it results in a radiating positive or a gloomy negative. 

It really is that simple. So, pick what makes you happiest, not necessarily what is easiest or the path of least resistance. Do something different this go-around. Find a way to make it measurable and give it a solid year of effort. 

Statistically most people quit their resolutions within sixty days. An even more compelling statistic is the ratio of people being more dedicated to planning their next vacation than they are to personal goals, even ones that are actually quite critical. 

It's time to stop making empty promises to yourself, family and friends. 

In December 2008, Jeffery H. Rice, CPY, CSCS, wrote an article talking about the top ten reasons people quit their New Year's Resolutions. The reasons are:

1) Lack of enough knowledge about the desired goal
2) Not knowing how to put an action plan together
3) Loss of motivation
4) Lack of support
5) Time management
6) Fear of failure 
7) Excuses
8) Not seeing results quickly enough
9) Lack of nutrition knowledge
10) The quick fix fad of the month otherwise known as the one hundred billion dollar diet industry

I'm currently working on a plan to create safeguards to buffer points one through ten listed above. My goals for the coming year can be best grouped into the following four categories: spiritual, physical, nutritional, mental. 

The action plan requires accountability, patience, research and study, practices to mentally visualize outcomes, measurable tracking methods, positive self talk, a budget, accountability, accountability, accountability

Self doubt makes us negative, negativity causes fear, fear hinders dreaming, lack of dreams depletes desire, loss of desire kills hope, not having hope makes living appear futile and then people stop trying to live life to its fullest. Stop the cycle of doubt. Believe!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." 

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