Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 10

This summer I moved my blog to a address and I also used the move as an opportunity to broaden the focus of my blog efforts. 

However, I didn't want the changes to take away from the overall message, which is to: encourage others to find strength, hope and tenacity to face life's challenges head-on, as well as to thrive in spite of those challenges. 

So below I have provided a Reader's Top Five list of the most read entries by you, as well as a Top Five list of my personal favorite posts of all time (that aren't already in the Reader's Top Five). 

Reader's Top Five
1. Get In My Belly! (part II) 09/17/11 
2. Abiding Love  10/01/11 
3. The Military & Multiple Sclerosis 09/08/07
4. A Thanksgiving Tribute: To Don With Love 11/26/09 
5.  Get In My Belly! (part I) 09/16/11 

My Top 5 Favorite Posts
1. My Road Back 10/27/10
2. And So It Goes  06/16/10
3. The Folds of Me 02/26/11
4. We Are Never Alone 09/05/10
5. I Want To Laugh  01/21/08

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