Friday, March 30, 2012

Poetry Corner: Pristine Pools

Here's stream of consciousness for you... The recent Salt Lake City temperatures make me want to take a nature trip, which makes me recall really loving a visit to Yellowstone National Park in 2005.

I was so inspired by the nature there that I wrote a lot of poetry on that trip. Here's a sampler:

Pristine Pools

treading the planks
of this forsaken land
I ponder the life and
death of all I see…

a boiling brew of earth
begins to drum erratically
occasionally gurgling its refrain,
as a foul misty stench
coats my skin with an unusual warmth,
my lungs begin to burn

elements combine,
molding everything together …
dying beautifully

deep within this fissure
I feel the foul heat begin to call –
an inexplicable urge to touch
the prismatic lake
within me…

staring at the mouth wide open
I am temporarily paralyzed –

I feel my beauty fade
the longer I gaze, yet
I am captivated
by the subtle harshness
hidden between the vapor,
I remain –
looking into the clearest chasm

below the calm basin
images of terror dance off-beat
as the earth ruptures inward
while pain echoes,
migrating deeper
agitating the fragile balance

not yet ready to burst
not yet ready to take me…
I am suddenly released
with a promise
and a threat

Diana M. Bateman 

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