Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poetry Corner: Prickly Pear

Here's a good example of how the meaning of a work can be interpreted differently, based on experience. Today, I am hot and frustrated because... for one brief moment I came out of alignment with the universe and have a bad attitude about nothing in particular. I'm thirsty, and for some reason, I am craving all the things that I have already decided are not good for me. I am, in a sense, a prickly person inside. So here is a work I penned while exploring Carlsbad, New Mexico; a very beautiful place by the way. 

Prickly Pear

                                                As I undress
                                                this prickly pear
                                                I imagine
                                                                        desert kisses
                                                                        my throat
                                                                        needles become pliable
                                                                        making acupuncture

                                                                        red fruit
                                                                                    and blood marry

By Diana M. Bateman

Now that I have shared, I am on my way to meditate and recognize that all is well. I need to quench a thirst that, I think, only meditation can bring. 

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