Friday, August 3, 2012

What's your why?

How can you be truly self reliant, loving... everything you 
wish you were when you can't stand yourself? 

If you're not at that point, but you've lost an edge somehow, 
what do you do so you don't keep sliding backwards and 
away from who you are wanting to be?

These things happen when you lose or don't know what your 
"why" is. Why do you eat what you eat, do what you do, comb 
your hair  or cut it a certain way? 

Why do you seem to always wear a certain color, why do you achieve big things and then always slide backwards? Why do you believe the way you do, why do you say certain phrases, why are you negative, why are you positive, why do you yell or get frustrated when people question you, why do you get defensive so quickly, why are you so optimistic?

In short, I believe this quote is an excellent summary of the 
point I am trying to make with this entry, "when your evaluation of self
changes, when you feel differently about yourself, everything 
about you changes: your thoughts, feelings, emotions - every 
aspect of your behavior." (Schiffmann, pg 5)

There's nothing wrong with evaluating your life critically, so that
you can improve it. Simply put: You must be the kind of person 
your spouse and family think you are.* An excellent way to safely
and productively make this evaluation is to write a personal 

I love that a client of mine jumped right on this effort, without any
prodding from me. I loved it! This has emboldened me to be a bit 
more vocal and extend an invitation to my readers and other 
clients to do the same. 

So my next blog entry will be an outline to empower you to begin
this type of evaluation. In the meantime, be thinking about your 

Start that dialogue with yourself and see what you come up 
with. Another thing to keep in mind is the manifesto may not be 
perfect out of the box. 

It might actually take time to understand your why; after you understand it, it may even evolve as you meet goals. I know that my why, in a variety of themes of my life, have changed with the birth of my son. 

However, the core desires and importance of what I was doing remains the same, just reorganized and fueled by a different motivation.

*A statement I heard on KLOVE radio one day during my commute.

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