Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unplugged, Uncensored, Unrestricted... You!

It can be dangerous to be left alone with your thoughts. This is why it's important to gain mastery of them - so that your thoughts can be positively reflected in your actions, words, and more.

Why are we always watching, reading, listening, Googling? Why are you even here, reading this? What are you looking for? Why are we so afraid to hear truth from within that we can't seem to sit alone with our own thoughts for a period of time?

It's been entertaining to watch people pick up their cell phones and look at them as if willing them to ring, or just turn to a game when an actual conversation opportunity lays in front of them. I'm guilty of this as well. I just think it's interesting to see the evolution of convenience, even in just my lifetime.

I can honestly say that in some ways I'm an addict. I have actually used my iPhone to avoid conversation and thoughts that come with meditation. I have actually even been at the dinner table with my husband and rather than talking, I have been "plugged in". Once I noticed this quite some time ago, I actually began making a real effort to leave the phone in the other room. I've completely turned it off for a day or so and sometimes I even leave it behind while I am out and about. But for the most part... it's in my purse or back pocket.

I crave solace and some time just to myself. I use this time to: write poetry, think, really evaluate life and relationships, write letters or record in my journal, and to contemplate in general. 

I've found though that nowadays in order to do this, I have to have the phone off or completely be removed from it. I figured out why though. When left to ponder we truly face tough things. 

Internally there may be a battle raging and it may need some real sorting out. By avoiding the contemplation, I get to avoid the issue for just a bit longer. 

I have come to cherish my daily dedicated time to being unplugged, uncensored, unrestricted and just me with my thoughts. This time is used to discipline and redirect myself for the better. 

This time is used to visualize me meeting my goals and to recall why I am putting my energy where I do. It's a challenge and sometimes even a struggle, but it's so worth it!

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