Sunday, September 15, 2013

Moon Boots

I recall as a child being so excited to have my very own moon boots for winter. The predominant yellow color was so cool. Yellow was and is my favorite color. The vibrancy was a beacon for my youthful energy.

I was convinced that in those boots I could trek all across Antarctica and be totally fine. 

Before I understood how mean penguins could be, I used to dream of how awesome it would be to play with them. Have spectacular snowball fights, slide down the ice slopes, and explore the land.

I would see pictures of Antarctica and be amazed and the beauty of the frozen stillness. 

Looking at pictures of the vast frozen expanse of that land now gives me an overwhelming sense of smallness - kind of like looking over the Grand Canyon and realizing how small you are in the grand scheme of things.

With how self-centered, big-headed and selfish we can all be in this life, I think it is important to still have moments that remind you of how little the world is focused on you.

At the same time, it is important to have spirited youthfulness of the yellow moon boot variety. We have an incredibly large playground, tremendous potential, and a responsibility.

What is more amazing to me is the concept (and question) that, if we are so small in the grand scheme of things and our little lives can be such an impact in changing another life completely, then how "little" are we, really?

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