Friday, September 6, 2013

Poetry Corner: Visitation Rites

Visitation Rites

A July chill holds me as if I were a child in need and I relent,
embracing the moment customized to heal me

Ah, the gentleness moistens my eyes,
giving the sensation,
but not the appearance,
of having had a good cry

captivated by a good kind of somber
stilled by a raw, but Divine intimacy
I pray… hoping the moment will be granted an extension

I need more –   
I can easily surrender right now

A presence in the air around me soothes my aching,
I wonder who has come.
There is a familiarity… who has brought this peace
so desperately needed?

Gently unraveling the bonds of self-expectation,
responsibilities of life,
I feel as if I’m standing naked
out in the open
and I’ve been granted the privilege 
of everyone being unable to see me.

The bustling continues and my peaceful surrender remains 
fully exposed
I’m safe here
In this moment.

Just as quickly as it came,
I become aware that it cannot last – Dammit!

Emotionally digging in my heals, I plead once more for an extension.

With a final breeze and familiar touch in the wind
I am soothed with a bittersweet embrace
~ this moment was a gift ~
a visitation to grant the courage needed
to keep moving forward

the road is mine to travel
this path is familiar to them though –
they know my heart
and the familiarity beckoned their desire 
to love me more tangibly

ah, I know who this is now…
I’m doing just fine, huh?
Well, you would know.

By Diana M. Bateman

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