Friday, February 17, 2012

(la-la-la) Dear Ego, I Refuse To Hear You

When it comes to motivation, goals and achieving them, there's one key thing that really makes it all happen. 

It's the thing your parents struggled to teach you, the thing you struggle to teach your kids. It's the thing that you wish your spouse or partner would just get a grip on. 

Most importantly, it's the thing you will do anything not to have to admit that you don't have. It's all about discipline. Agh! Shh, ugh, yes, I really just said it $#&@!

I wish I had a magic pill for you to take, but I don't. This is a topic that I'm still working on. I fail daily. I'm also committed to recommitting, to becoming more disciplined - daily. Odd, but there's a huge sense of freedom in this thing called discipline.

Where do you lack? Look yourself in the mirror while asking this question. Make eye contact with yourself. Where are you lying to yourself? Start there. Restart there, then... start again.

Do yourself a huge favor, do not take the path of least resistance today. Then commit to trying the same thing again tomorrow. Frustrate your ego consistently and you will find a tremendous amount of inner strength that you never knew you had. 

Be free of whatever bogs you down - even if it's just for a few hours. It is the taste of momentary freedom that will help you to keep trying. 

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