Friday, February 24, 2012

Poetry Corner: Whoopee Cushion Memories

I've been giggling lately over many memories of the potty humor variety. So, I thought I would share the fun times with a potty humor poem I wrote about one particular memory. 

I'm simply enjoying the chuckle and I hope you have fun with the comedic relief as well. 

Whoopee Cushion Memories

sling shots ‘n bubble gum,
silly putty ‘n water guns,
too many moments to convey
my youth -
but of them all,
my favorite can only be experienced...

deep breath and exhale directed,
captured –

creeping up on normalcy
as innocent as can be.
making the drop
for it
be seen.

‘neath cushions ‘n pillows
or simply dropped into seat,
slipped under a descending rump
or blatantly squeezed.

placing a whoopee cushion
is about
the element of surprise
and can only be rated
by the sound of your audience,
your poor victims cries.

By Diana M. Bateman

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