Friday, February 3, 2012

Ragnar Runner #3

Good heavens what have I gotten myself into!?! So - this blogpost is purely informational... Okay, so this is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. 

By way of the Huntsman Hometown Heroes (HHH) I'm running the Canyonlands Half Marathon and I have found myself on the Myriad Genetics team for the Wasatch Back Ragnar also via HHH. For the Ragnar, I'm currently slated as Runner number three which is set to run a bit over nineteen miles of the total two hundred mile relay race. 


Here's our team video clip. I am in this video clip as well. Good times! Here's the Myriad team fundraising page, if you would care to donate in support of cancer research.

If you would like to follow what our team is up to during training for the Ragnar, you can visit our team website that our team leader is hosting. Collin is a very good guy and bringing us home as Runner #12.

That's all I have to say folks! This is a big year and I need lots of motivating cheers, 'cuz I feel a bit overwhelmed... yet, at the same time, I am excited for all the opportunities that lay ahead.

~ Diana

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