Friday, January 13, 2012

Poetry Corner: Please Name this Poem

Note: This poem is currently without an official name... I think I'd like to have one other than "Untitled". Any ideas? What shall it be? 


A still shot can seldom capture light and dimensions
like the naked eye,
yet memories
oftentimes become more vivid as they age
or more faded as we heal -
a photo only portrays an outline
of what once was,
not necessarily of what is.

The human spirit is innately courageous,
mankind loves
we manifest this in more ways than can be counted, yet
we can be counted upon.
A stranger can comfort just as reassuringly
as a familiar face –
mercy is not limited to the Divine, rather
it simply is that… divine.

When the world comes tumbling down,
whether large scale or small
there are many everyday heroes
that rise from the ashes.
This is where we see the gods within ourselves,
our potential is limited
only by our fear
and courage is fear
with forward motion.

By Diana M. Bateman
2011 ©


  1. So on Facebook a couple friends suggested the following titles:
    1. Within Ourselves
    2. Divinity in Motion
    Thoughts? Debate? Other suggestions?

  2. After reading, re-reading, jotting down words, looking up those words in a thesaurus; I still cannot pin down a specific title I do have words that don't quite fit in a concise title -- abiding, enduring, true, compassion, ideal, potential, timeless.

  3. -- support, comfort, care. Maybe "Abiding Care" "Timeless Perspective" ??

    1. hmmm, I have some of the same words in my notebook Wylie. You have ESP!