Friday, January 27, 2012

Attack! 100-days or bust!

This last Summer and Fall I found I was getting pretty annoyed with the negativity that I was seeing on Facebook and very sad about the job losses I was hearing about on LinkedIn. 

In addition, I was upset over the lack of seasonal spirit preceding the holidays... just general cheer about life and living was gone from nearly every place I looked. Ugh! 

It was pulling me down and at the same time I didn't want to leave the social networking world. So, I created a new goal. 

The aim: To be relentlessly and publicly vocal for one hundred days and to speak truth, kindness, goodness, and encouraging words to myself and others. 
  • The hope was that I could literally change the atmosphere and environment around me. 
  • Maybe there was a friend out there that needed help out of the  emotional gutter too.
The method: Use Twitter to tweet to the great unknown and use Twitter's linking abilities to share the daily goodness on my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts simultaneously. 
  • I would do so by posting quotes or stories that I find awesome or motivating. 
  • I would post at the very beginning of each and every day. 
  • At the end of the onehundred days, I would stop all social networking communication for a week.
The results 
  1. By day one hundred one recognized that I simply had to keep tweeting. The good messages gave me a different energy for the day. I found I personally still needed this. 
  2. In order to satisfy part three of my method, but still meet the overall goal, I cut the connections from Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. The one hundred days of positivity and truth definitely impacted me. I like it and I'm going to keep doing it, so long as it's beneficial.
  4. I really don't know if others feel more hopeful or affected in a positive way. I really don't have any way to measure that... all I do know is that I'm glad I did it in a vocal way; I needed to make a stand.
Take home messages 
  • I have the power to regain control of my response(s) to the world. 
  • Regaining control of my metal health, positivity and responses to the world requires discipline (ew!) and the willingness to go out on a limb. 
  • I have the power to create an action plan and put the plan of attack into place, so that I can create my own joy. 
  • I know it's not always this simple in every situation, but it can be done. Yet, at the same time, it really is just that simple. 
Many birds, one stone. The question is, was it a good throw? For me it was well worth it. For everyone else out in the world... well, I'll doubt I will ever know. 

I don't even know if anyone has noticed the silence on Facebook or LinkedIn, but I hope it has been a positive or source of peace for someone out there; at least as much as it has been for me. I feel very different than I did over one hundred days ago and that was the whole point. 

I'd be interested to know what others out there have done or are doing to incite happiness, joy, hopefulness and positivity. 

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  1. I didn't know you'd set a 100 day goal -- very nice! Yes, I drew strength from reading the short and concise quotes. Thank you for including me/us in your goal.